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                                                              ONLY THE BEST ARTIST!

      "Isaac Hare"

SLEEZE(Chicago IL.)

About Flying V Radio

Flying V Radio was created by a musician for musicians. We strive to bring modern Independent music to the masses. Terrestrial radio stations are stuck in the 1980's, playing the music everyone  has heard over and over again.  Its not that we have anything against classic rock, our problem is with the stations that refuse to play anything other than classic rock.  Radio's heyday was all about playing professionally established musicians music, as well as introducing new Independent artist music to the public. It seems terrestrial radio has become nothing more than a broken record, that plays the same thing over and over that's where Flying V Radio differs. Flying V Radio plays nothing but Independent artist music. So pop one of our stream players open and listen to some of the best fresh rock & metal artist on the planet. We know you will find new groups and tunes that will simply rock your world.