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alt  BEYOND THE GREY - Kansas City, Kansas

 Rock/Hard Rock

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Beyond The Greys sophomore release Now or Never is the follow up to their critically acclaimed self titled EP. Now or Never picks right up where the band left off and ups the ante by seamlessly blending hard rock & metal with today's sound. Heavy riff driven songs with pounding bass, drums and melodic vocals. Beyond The Grey is a Kansas City based Rock/Metal band, made up of 5 members with years of collective experience. They have now been writing and recording together for close to 3 years. Some call them a mix of Disturbed and Alice in Chains, but other influences include Godsmack, Tool, Korn, The Cure, Deftones, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Cheap Trick.


David Lingenfelter -  Vocals & Guitar                                                                                                                                                    Scott David Cameron - Guitars & Vocals                                                                                                                                            Jim McNeill - Bass Guitar                                                                                                                                                                      John Alexander - Guitar                                                                                                                                                                          Eric Nissen - Drums / Percussion                                                                                                                                            


Las Vegas rockers Devil In Disguise are climbing charts and packing venues at an alarming rate. This star powered line up is fueling a much needed rebellious movement in the rock and metal community. Their debut album "Welcome To Hell" is the Holy Bible of rebellion exhibited in the rock world.
Cody Laveau (Vocals) Cody dominates the stage with his charisma. Hungry,defiant,and powerful, Cody captivates like no frontman before. Coming from an extensive background of musical abilities and ideology,Cody is a skilled songwriter and musician. Powerful vocals, high energy performances, mixed with an attitude that is all things rock n roll makes Cody a dangerous asset to D.I.D. 
Tyler Stratlin (Bass Guitar) With a demeanor that resembles the late great Sid Vicious, Tyler brings a whole new level of star power to the table. Appealing to the fans as a pretty boy and party animal, his musical talent exceeds even the the most seasoned musicians. 
Joey Brinxx (Guitar) Known for his genius and technical prowess at his craft, Joey is a skilled performer. Thrashing on stage while playing leads has impressed even the most critical music snobs. 
David McDonald (Guitar) Embodies a versatile skill reminiscent of many guitar legends. Screeching from deep within his soul, David entertains with memorable riffs and leads that shall remain timeless 
Chris Alyx (Drums) Blasting ear drums with his James (The Rev) Sullivan-esque drum style, Chris fires on all cylinders. Crafting catchy drum hooks with progressive technique has made Chris's talent an envy among the most skillful drummers. 
Devil In Disguise has the ballsy, in-your-face attitude of their metal and grunge predecessors, heavily laced with a raw aggression worthy of the early days of metalcore. Having the grit and attitude combined with the raw aggression found in the early days of bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Devil In Disguise has a dynamic that speaks to a wide range of hard rock/metal fans. 
From the heart of Sin City, Devil In Disguise arrived on the scene with their debut record, Welcome to Hell, in July of 2018. Working with the same producer as Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, In This Moment, and many others, DID combined their many influences into a cohesive album that stands out among its contemporaries. Welcome to Hell delivers addictive energy and catchy choruses sure to have listeners singing along. This album is the next Appetite for Destruction, a collection of tracks that will appeal to a wide range of music fans for years to come. In addition to their strength in the studio, Devil In Disguise has a chemistry that creates an exciting live show. A mix of brutal sounds, true artistry, and theatrics, the band has said they plan nothing about their performances. "Everything we do is spontaneous," says frontman Cody Laveau. "That's what makes us real."

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OUT OF THE BLUES - Noblesville, Indiana

Indie Rock

Represented by FVR Management 



Formed in the heart of mid-western cornfield country, this group of five young men are determined to keep the Rock music scene alive and thriving with their blend of indie and southern rock. Out of the Blues was formed in December 2016 by brothers Clayton (Vocals/Guitar) and Quinton (Drums) Aldridge along with Elijah Schroeder (Bass). Shortly after, the trio decided to pick up two more talented members: long-time friends Bryce Scott (Guitar) and Robert Mason Hunter (Keys/Vocals). The band released their first two experimental singles during the summer of 2017. "That Way" features snappy percussion and warm guitar noodling centering on a strong core riff, which was released alongside "Focus," a band favorite featuring several dynamic changes. These two tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered in just over 6 hours. The winter of 2017 served as a platform for the band to begin writing their latest release, the "Focus" EP. The recording process spanned until the end of spring, when the group finally released their debut in June of 2018. Following the release of the record and the beginning of a new journey, Elijah left the group to pursue a new career path. Out of the Blues brought on another close friend for the group to resume operation, Quinn Collar, who remained in the band until early 2019, when he was replaced by current bassist Blake Mullins.
Out of the Blues is currently writing for a new release and booking shows.


DEMON BOY - MANHATTAN, NYjj      Horror/Shock Rock       Represented by FVR Management 



Demon Boy - Ravenous 

DEMON BOY - CRAZY HORSES (Osmonds Cover) 2019 - FVR Management

DEMON BOY - HORRIFYING - 2019 - FVR Management 






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HEATH FIELDS - DRUMS                                            








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