Mugshot Mic Biography

 Mugshot Mic is the latest project to come from Mike House a.k.a. Syco Mike. Mugshot Mic is 100% PURE ENERGY and brings it live! Syco Mike brings the intensity and energy that makes punk, punk, performing every song as if it would be the last he ever performs. House started singing and formed his first band in Austria called Clot Of Snot (91-93). House then moved on to join Lewa (94-96). House and his best friend Wax formed the band Mugshot-76 (96-08). In 2008 Mike joined Pipes And Pints bringing along his songs from Mugshot-76 for P&P's records. Pipes And Pints were then nominated for a Grammy in 2008, and also 2012. In 2016 House parted ways with Pipes And Pints, moving back to Southern California shortly afterwards he formed Mugshot Mic. In this group House joined forces with Ronnie King (Rancid, Pennywise, Offspring, NOFX) on Keyboard. The team began collaborating at McConaghy's Eravox Studios and began tracking. Shortly later Chip Hanna joined the pair playing Drums (US Bombs, One Man Army, and The Berlin Three). Shawn Smash then joined the group, playing Guitar, and the last to become a member was Alejandro Taranto of Tommy Gun Records fame, playing Bass Guitar. An absolutely stellar combination of world renowned artist pooling their talents, began creating their new album Life Is A Song! The new album brings the same passion and energy, that Punk Rock that fans are drawn to. Sourcing both new and old songs the group began creating a totally new sound on Life Is A Song, producing an end result only this group of talented musicians could. Mugshot Mic draws from life experiences creating the poetry, and instilling the intensity within their music, while always remaining true to all things Punk Rock.  

Life Is a Song - Promo Videos

Meaning of Life Is A Song - Track - Mugshot Mic

"The Meaning of Life is a song portrays its' peaks of joy and valleys of heartache. Life is a roller coaster ride, a constant up and down, which defines our journey. None of us ever know what comes next in our lives. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. This song speaks about my journey as a singer and a performer. I love being on the road to entertain the fans. It speaks of people's imperfections that you meet along the way, some good, some bad, and even ugly. We never stop learning in our lives therefore one should question everything , so we can understand better, what is right and what is wrong." Mugshot.



Meaning of Rotten Little Kings - Mugshot Mic

"With this song Rotten Little Kings  I am sending a message accompanied by a great tune to everyone who is listening, either the young blood rockers and older souls, all the fans, so sit back and enjoy the ride. It is for you to enjoy, dance and sing along. I am convinced it will open your hearts and free your minds. For myself it amounts to all the roller coaster shows performed but always following my passion. After all this is my sound "Mugshot Mic." a rotten little king in your town performing for one night.

Enjoy the ride!"

Rock For Life - Mugshot.

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