Ronnie King became known for his analog Moog Keyboard and Hammond Organ.

He used these musical instruments to create a sound that became distinctly his own.

A sound that has been sampled and copied countless times by this generation of hip hop

stars and other popular music genres. King is known for his multi-platinum collaboration

with the late Tupac Shakur, tracks such as "Better Dayz (Featuring Ronald Isley)" and

"Thug N U Thug N Me" along with the pioneer producer, Johnny J. The two laid the groundwork

for the rise of one of hip hop music's greatest stars, as well as establishing the sound that is

uniquely Ronnie King's.       


Having established himself in the world of hip hop, King also fell back on his life long passion

of punk music. Showing his versatility. King has toured with The Offspring

playing keyboards which are featured in the bands single "Hit That". The Song features

a hip hop verse and a punk course. King also co-founded the LA punk supergroup

The Joy Killers comprised of former members of the pioneer punk band TSOL.

King has recorded with NOFX, Pennywise, and The Distillers and has appeared on

numerous tribute albums (The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Nirvana).

King also managed to work time into his busy schedule, to tour with the

platinum-selling band Rancid.Ronnie King has built his name within two different worlds

hip hop and punk. "It's all about the music.

I feel like my generations Billy Preston". King has been known to be found

surfing with Pearl Jam, playing golf with Adrian Young of the band No Doubt

and Fat Mike from NOFX. King also enjoys going snowboarding with

rapper Big Syke. Artist are constantly asking Ronnie to introduce them across

genres hip hop to punk and vice versa.In 2005 "Resurrection" a documentary

about the life and death of Tupac Shakur. Ronnie King's collaboration with

the late rapper is featured within the award winning soundtrack. The film was

nominated for Best Documentary  Feature at the 77TH Academy Awards.

Resurrection - (Full Documentary)

King has always been interested in collaborations with artist that reside outside

of The United States. Thanks to his close friend Luciano Jr. a former member of

Los Fabolosos Cadillacs, King was introduced to legendary South American producer

Alejandro Taranto. Together the pair began working in Argentina with the MTV Award

Winning, Grammy Nominated band Infiero18.  Also touring with Blake Lansing, and

William Morris's Hawaiian sensation Pepper, as well as a collaboration with The

Alchemical Response Team. Ronnie spends most of his time performing and recording

around the world in a relentless creative quest for collaborations that engage, move,

groove, and inspire. "It's all about the music".